AWS Academy Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing

Information Technology


20 Weeks


AWS Academy Data Analytics comprise lab exercises to support existing big data lectures and courses that an institution is teaching or plans to teach.


AWS Academy Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a follow-up course to AWS Academy Machine Learning Foundations. The course is at an intermediate technical level (similar to the AWS Academy Architecting, Operations, and Developing courses) and is appropriate for students who are pursuing careers that require machine learning (ML) knowledge.

Course and Technical Requirements

In order to get the full benefit from this course, you require the following:

  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet
  • Stable internet connection
  • Firefox/Microsoft Edge/Chrome web browser (latest version)
  • Email/Cell phone for notifications and communication

Learning Objectives

This course teaches students how to

  • Understand AWS infrastructure as it relates to system operations, such as global infrastructure, core services, and account security
  • Use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), and understand additional administration and development tools
  • Manage, secure, and scale compute instances on AWS
  • Manage, secure, and scale configurations
  • •Identify container services and AWS services that are available for serverless computing.
  • Manage, secure, and scale databases on AWS
  • Build virtual private networks with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC
  • Configure and manage storage options using the storage services offered with AWS
  • Monitor the health of your infrastructure with services such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Config
  • Manage resource consumption in an AWS account by using tags, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Create and configure automated and repeatable deployments with tools such as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and AWS CloudFormation

Module Breakdown

  • MODULE 1
    Welcome to AWS Academy NLP
  • MODULE 2
    Introduction to NLP
  • MODULE 3
    Processing Text for NLP
  • MODULE 4
    Implementing Sentiment Analysis
  • MODULE 5
    Introducing Information Extraction
  • MODULE 6
    Introducing Topic Modeling
  • MODULE 7
    Working with Languages
  • MODULE 8
    Course Wrap Up


  • Completed the AWS Academy Machine Learning Foundations course
  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts
  • Familiarity with Python or similar, higher level programming languages
  • Familiarity with general networking concepts
  • Familiarity with deep neural networks and graph theory
  • Familiarity with bots and how they use utterances and slot prompts

Payment options available to you

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