Coding & Technology

Information Technology


24 Hours


Master front-end web development, unlock coding techniques, and stay ahead with cutting-edge technologies in the industry!


Learn the basics of front-end web development online, using coding techniques and explore innovative technologies of the 21st century and their implications in industry.

Course and Technical Requirements


To successfully access and complete this course, you will be required to have a registered email account, access to a computer/laptop/tablet and stable internet connection. You will be required to be familiar with using a computer as you may need to be able to read and download documents in Adobe PDF Reader, view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and read and create documents in Microsoft Word.


Our online short learning programmes may require additional software applications. These additional software applications requirements will be communicated to you in this information pack and/or on the website course page. Damelin Online does not provide any additional software applications required for online short learning programmes.

Please note: Google, YouTube and Vimeo may be used in our online course delivery. If any of these services are blocked in your jurisdiction, you may have difficulty in accessing our course content

Learning Approach

Our online short learning programmes are broken into self-paced manageable modules designed to be interactive and engaging:

  • The programme is available to be viewed on smart devices and includes mobile, tablets and personal computers.
  • Relevant case studies, articles and recommended reading are part of supplementary resources available.
  • Apply and evaluate what you have learned in each module with the self-grading quizzes and assignment submissions
  • View a range of Introductory course videos by your Subject Matter Expert.


Upon successful completion of this Course, you will receive a certificate of completion awarded by Austin Peay State University in recognition of your knowledge and skills. Your certificate will be issued in your registered name and couriered to you.

Module Breakdown

  • MODULE 1 | Week 1
    • Computer hardware and software
    • Ubiquitous Computing: Mobile and Web Development
    • Immersive Technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
    • Databases
    • Big Data
    • Cloud Computing
    • Internet of Things
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • MODULE 2 | Week 2
    • Software Development Methodologies
    • Introduction to Prototyping
    • Introduction to Justinmind Part 1
    • Introduction to Justinmind Part 2
    • Tools for IT Project Management Part 1
    • Tools for IT Project Management – Part 2
    • Tools for IT Project Management – Part 3
    • E-commerce
  • MODULE 3 | Week 3
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to the web
    • Lesson 2: Introduction to HTML
    • Lesson 3: HTML elements
    • HTML attributes
    • HTML inputs
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Advanced CSS
    • HTML and CSS project
  • MODULE 4 | Week 4
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to JavaScript
    • Lesson 2: JavaScript Data Types and Variables
    • Lesson 3: Operators and Conditional Logic
    • Lesson 4: JavaScript Loops and Arrays
    • Lesson 5: JavaScript Objects, Properties and Methods
    • Lesson 6: Advanced Front-End Scripting
    • Lesson 7: Core Project – Part 1
    • Lesson 8: Core Project – Part-2

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