Ethical Decision Maker’s Tool kit

Business Ethics




Hone your ethical decision-making skills and learn to identify core values for making principled choices in this transformative course!


This package combines the Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI), a self-assessment tool to understand one’s ethical decision-making based on personal values, with the Ethics Exercises, which involve real-life ethical dilemmas for practical learning. After taking the ELI, students engage in Ethics Exercises to explore multiple ethical perspectives and develop decision-making skills. This comprehensive package equips individuals to recognise their values, navigate real-world ethical challenges, and consider the interests of other stakeholders in decision-making processes.

About EthicsGame

Since 2005, EthicsGame™ has been helping individuals, groups, and organizations learn how to create and sustain values-based relationships and cultures. As the leader in ethics training and development, our content teaches people how to effectively bridge the divides that tear families, organizations, and communities apart. EthicsGame’s leading edge curricula and simulations equip people to…

  • Identify and harmonize their agreements—their ethics—so they can love, live, and work with each other in these chaotic times.
  • Engage their imagination to participate in and create organizational structures and systems in which all can thrive with integrity and grace.
  • Ethically play the game of life with a playbook of strategies to apply to any ethical challenge.

Why EthicsGame?

EthicsGame’s leading edge curricula and simulations equip people to:

  • Develop Ethical Awareness – identify values in tension, the source of ethical conflicts.
  • Discover Your Ethical Identity – explore your ethical strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enhance Ethical Agility – recognize how others prioritize their values and define what behaviours count for being ethical.
  • Exercise Ethical Discernment – learn how to effectively resolve ethical dilemmas.
  • Grow in Ethical Maturity – live into your own purpose and exercise wisdom as you create communities where all can thrive.

Course and Technical Requirements

To access this course, you need a device that connects to a stable internet connection.

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