MD-100 Windows 10

Information and Technology


26 Hours


Equip yourself with hands-on experience and practical knowledge with the Microsoft Practice Lab environment course.


The Introduction to Programming Using Python Practice Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in programming using Python. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in performing operations using data types and operators, controlling flow with decisions and loops, performing input and output operations, documenting and structuring code, performing troubleshooting and error handling and performing operations using modules and tools. These same tasks will help you understand the objectives and competencies required by the 98-361 Introduction to Programming Using Python certification exam.


Once you feel confident to take the Microsoft certification exam, you will need to follow the process below to register and pay for your exam. The exam can be taken online or in a test centre near you.

  • Go to Certifications and select the certification you would like to write, click register for exam
  • Select “”Schedule with Pearson VUE”” when choosing an exam delivery partner
  • Sign into your Microsoft account, or create a certification profile
  • Complete the required information
  • Follow the on-screen steps to select a proctoring method (if available), schedule your exam appointment, and complete payment (if applicable).
  • Run a systems check if taking the exam online
  • Once registered, your appointment should appear in the Certification Dashboard. You can also cancel or reschedule your appointment here if you need. If you are taking an online exam, you will start your exam from here as well.


  • MODULE 1 | Install Windows 10 Language Packs
  • MODULE 2 | Migrate User Data
  • MODULE 3 | Install Windows 10 with WDS
  • MODULE 4 | Upgrade to Windows 10 using MDT
  • MODULE 5 | Manage Windows Images with Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit
  • MODULE 6 | Configure Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
  • MODULE 7 | Manage Windows Desktop
  • MODULE 8 | Manage Devices and Printers
  • MODULE 9 | Administer Users and Groups
  • MODULE 10 | Manage File System Security
  • MODULE 11 | Implement Local Policy and Domain Group Policy
  • MODULE 12 | Manage Windows Registry
  • MODULE 13 | Manage User Account Control Settings
  • MODULE 14 | Secure Windows 10 with Windows Defender Firewall
  • MODULE 15 |Configure Connection Security Rules in Windows Defender Firewall
  • MODULE 16 | Implement Encrypting File System
  • MODULE 17 | Configure Windows 10 VPN Client Part 1
  • MODULE 18 | Configure Windows 10 VPN Client Part 2
  • MODULE 19 | Configure Windows 10 VPN Client Part 3
  • MODULE 20 | Configure Windows 10 VPN Client Part 4
  • MODULE 21 | Configure Windows 10 Remote Administration
  • MODULE 22 | Implement Windows PowerShell Remoting and Remote Assistance
  • MODULE 23 | Manage Windows 10 Backup and Restore
  • MODULE 24 | Manage Windows 10 Recovery and Startup Issues
  • MODULE 25 | Manage Windows Updates
  • MODULE 26 | Configure and Analyze Windows Event Logs
  • MODULE 27 | Collect Windows 10 System Performance Metrics
  • MODULE 28 | Manage Remote Desktop Access
  • MODULE 29 | Troubleshoot Common Network Problems

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