MO-100 Microsoft Word 2019

Information and Technology


23 Hours


Equip yourself with hands-on experience and practical knowledge with the Microsoft Practice Lab environment course.


The MO-100 Practice Lab will take you through a sequence of practical, hands-on tasks to develop your competency and skills in Microsoft Word 2019. These skills include:

  • The ability to navigate and format documents.
  • Saving, inspecting and sharing documents.
  • Creating and modifying tables and lists.
  • Working with references, including bibliographies.
  • Creating and formatting many different graphic elements, including SmartArt and 3-D graphics.
  • Commenting and reviewing documents.

Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to demonstrate the application of Word 2019’s principal features and complete tasks independently. This will prepare you for the Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019) Exam (MO-100).


Once you feel confident to take the Microsoft certification exam, you will need to follow the process below to register and pay for your exam. The exam can be taken online or in a test centre near you.

  • Go to Certifications and select the certification you would like to write, click register for exam
  • Select “”Schedule with Pearson VUE”” when choosing an exam delivery partner
  • Sign into your Microsoft account, or create a certification profile
  • Complete the required information
  • Follow the on-screen steps to select a proctoring method (if available), schedule your exam appointment, and complete payment (if applicable).
  • Run a systems check if taking the exam online
  • Once registered, your appointment should appear in the Certification Dashboard. You can also cancel or reschedule your appointment here if you need. If you are taking an online exam, you will start your exam from here as well.


  • MODULE 1 | Navigating within Word
  • MODULE 2 | Formatting a Word Document – Part 1
  • MODULE 3 | Formatting a Word Document – Part 2
  • MODULE 4 | Saving Word Documents
  • MODULE 5 | Inspecting Word Documents
  • MODULE 6 | Editing Text
  • MODULE 7 | Formatting Text – Part 1
  • MODULE 8 | Formatting Text – Part 2
  • MODULE 9 | Ordering and Grouping Text
  • MODULE 10 | Creating Word Tables
  • MODULE 11 | Modifying Word Tables – Part 1
  • MODULE 12 | Modifying Word Tables – Part 2
  • MODULE 13 | Managing a List with Word – Part 1
  • MODULE 14 | Managing a List with Word – Part 2
  • MODULE 15 | Creating and Managing References
  • MODULE 16 | Using Content Building Blocks
  • MODULE 17 | Working with Table of Contents
  • MODULE 18 | Creating Graphic Elements
  • MODULE 19 | Formatting Graphic Elements
  • MODULE 20 | Using SmartArt Graphics
  • MODULE 21 | Modifying Graphic Elements
  • MODULE 22 | Using the Comments Feature
  • MODULE 23 | Tracking and Reviewing Changes

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